Real Estate Revival Confirmed by Data

Official data has confirmed the revival on the Moscow real estate market that market participants have been talking about for several months.

In March and April, there were nearly twice as many apartment sales on the secondhand market than in January and February: 9,124 compared with 4,626, respectively, according to data from the Moscow branch of the Federal Registration Service.

"The March-April figures reflect the demand bubble that we recorded in February-March," said Dmitry Taganov, director of Inkom's analytic center.

"And the lower indicators in January-February reflect the fall in demand at the end of last year," he said.

Without question, there are more sales now compared with January and February, said Grigory Poltorak, president of Best Realty. "People are recovering: They were promised housing for next to nothing, but the miracle never happened, and sellers aren't significantly lowering their prices," he said.



real estate - недвижимость

revival - возрождение

confirm - подтвердить

data – данные, факты

participant – участник

respectively - соответственно (в указанном порядке)

according to - со слов

branch - филиал

reflect - отражать

recover - оправляться, приходить в себя


At the bank

James: Good morning, sir, what can I do for You?
Доброе утро, сэр, чем я могу быть Вам полезен?

Adam: I'd like to cash this cheque, please.
Я хотел бы обналичить этот чек.

J: Certainly, sir. It is for seventy five pounds. But sir, the check needs to be signed before it can be cashed. Could I have your signature here, please.
Конечно, сэр. Он на семьдксят пять фунтов. Но сэр, чек должен быть подписан прежде чем он может быть обналичен. Не могли бы вы поставить свою подпись здесь.

A: Oh yes, of cource, my apologies. Here you are.
Ах да, конечно, извините. Вот, пожалуйста.

J: Thank you, sir.
Спасибо, сэр.

A: And could I please get the money in smaller bills?
И нельзя ли получить деньги купюрами поменьше?

J: How about 2 twenties, 2 tens and 3 fives?
Вам подойдут две двадцатки, две десятки и три пятёрки?

A: Yes, that sounds good.
Да, вполне подойдут.

J: Is there anything else I could help You with, sir?
Что-нибудь ещё, чем я мог бы помочь Вам, сэр?

A: No, not today, thank you. Have a good day.
Нет, не сегодня, спасибо. Всего хорошего.

J: Good day to You too, sir.
И Вам тоже, сэр.


Taxes (3)

tax - an amount of money that you must pay to the government according to your income, property, goods etc, that is used to pay for public services. (налог, пошлина, сбор)

indirect tax – a tax on goods or services that are bought, rather than on the income that people and companies earn. (косвенный налог)

input tax tax added to a buyer's bill when buying particular goods or services. At regular periods of time the buyer adds up the input tax from all their bills and takes the total away from the tax they have charged buyers of their products or services to arrive at a final value-added tax figure which they must pay to the government. (налог на закупленные товары)

local tax – a tax paid to a local government authority, rather than to central government, that helps pay for public services such as education, health, waste collection etc. (местный налог)

luxury tax - tax on special goods that peuple do not really need but that are pleasant and enjoyable. (налог на предметы роскоши)

progressive tax - a tax that is charged at an increasing rate as income increases. (прогрессивный налог)

output tax – tax that a seller adds to a buyer's bill when they sell particular goods or services. At regular periods of time, the total tax they have paid when buying goods and services themselves is taken away from the total output taxes they have paid to arrive at a value-added tax figure that they must pay to the government. (налог на объём производства)

payroll tax – tax taken from someone's wages, for example income tax. (налог на заработную плату)


cu. : cubic

cur : currency

cwo : cash with order
оплата при заказе

cwt : hundredweight

d : dividend